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Oct 26, 2000 12:11 AM


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Susan & I recently went to a convention in Philadelphia, they put us up in the Marriott and through the RTM was the shortest way to get to the festivities. I gained 6 lbs in three days. It was worth it. BASSETT'S ICE CREAM (fabulous), DELILAH'S SOUTHERN CUISINE (likewise), THE DUTCH EATING PLACE (disapointing) & RICK'S PHILLY STEAKS (as good as any). The RTM has been rousified like Fanieul (sp?) Hall but not as blatantly. There are lots of good places are left. I would have had a complete report if it wasn't for Bassett's and Delilah's. I had to have my ice cream and soul food fixes. If the Metroliner wasn't so damn expensive I'd go there once a month.

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  1. You have found my favorite place on Earth to visit!
    Honestly. You can't go wrong there. Give yourself a treat, take a non metroliner and visit again.

    Make your way back to the left corner. Where the Amish stalls are set up. Delightful treats. You thought you liked those mall pretzels dipped in butter? Get the real version here.

    You can find bakery items at least in 5 locations. 2 or 3 florists, a coffee place, a juice place, 20+ places to eat. I can go on and on. Fresh produce, meats and seafood as well.

    Anything at Bassetts Ice cream is worth a try. A very unique choice though is the Champagne Sorbet! Divine. By George has brick oven pizza. You can take home some home made pasta as well.

    There is a list of merchants and a map on the link I added. You could spend all day there.


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    1. re: Jennifer
      Gary L. Borger, Esq.

      You forgot Jack (MacDavid)'s Down Home Diner. If you can forget about healthy dining and just go for the gusto, it'll give you plenty of inventive spins on the old Southern standards. Try it; you'll like it.

      1. re: Gary L. Borger, Esq.

        I'm at the RTM every Saturday for my weekly shopping and love it.

        A few eating spots to add and/or additional comment:

        Don't miss the roast pork sandwich (order with aged provolone and greens) at Tommy DiNic's. At the least, it's on a par with Tony Luke's in South Philly.

        The Pennsylvania Dutch Eating Place (formerly known as Stolfus's) is best for breakfast. Get the scrapple on the side.

        Salumeria offers a very excellent hoagie (or submarine/hero to yew New Yawkers). Quite unlike most other Philly hoagies (and better than most, too). Try it with the house dressing and marinated artichokes.

        What sets RTM apart from Rouse marketplaces is that it actually is a place where people SHOP FOR FOOD TO COOK AT HOME! While one can always nitpick, the market management has made a serious effort to limit the trinket shops and has even turneed away additiona lunch-type eateries. They are desperately seeking to bring to the market PURVEYORS of food.

        Alas, a recent merchant loss will be a tough one to replace. Siegfried's was a German-style deli with homemade sausages and cured meats (as well as an importer of Pechter's rye bread from North Jersey). We miss him!

        Stop by on Fridays and Saturdays for the cooking demonstrations in the market's new Market Kitchen. There's also a weekly "Saturday Morning Breakfast Club" food discussion, often with guests speakers, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Check out the schedule at

        1. re: Bob Libkind

          Ditto on Salumeria - their house dressing on the Italian hoagie is out of this world!

          1. re: Karen
            Emily Cotlier

            Reading Terminal Market was a seminal place for making a chowhound out of me. It was where I broke out of suburban-teenager eating habits and into trying new things. I loved the hustle and bustle of the place, and used to do much of my grocery shopping there, and go there often for solitary lunches/breakfasts.

            I can't think of a better place on the planet to have lunch by yourself--as a solitary diner, you have an easier time finding a seat, it's usually too loud to have a good conversation, and the food is so delicious your mouth is full most of the time anyway, so why not go by yourself and enjoy it just as you please?

            On the other side of the world now, the parts of it I miss the most are Salumeria, Tony DiNic's, the whole-wheat pizza at Jill's Vorspeise, the Braverman's truffles, the 4th street cookies, Ro's produce and the itinerant Amish produce sellers...heck, I've listed half the place.

            Yet, strangely, when I went back recently, it seemed diminished, as if it had come down a bit from its prime. I didn't want to linger there as I used to--something was gone. Sic transit gloria mundi.