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Oct 25, 2000 04:13 AM

cheap eats in the Bryn Mawr area

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I'm a mawrtyr, so naturally I don't have much money to spend on food but I do like to go out. I like chinese and indian, though I haven't been exposed to much else so I'm open to other types of food. I'd like something within 30 minutes. Also, I'm a veggie though I do make exceptions for crab cakes( I'm from Baltimore)
Also I'll be 21 in two weeks and the folks are coming to town, we liked a place called Rose Tree (or something resembling that) so I'm also looking for a similarly pricey place for the night that they will pay.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Well, it's not terribly cheap, but one of the best Chinese restaurants around is Yangming (most people say the only better in the general area is Susanna Foo's - and that's MUCH more expensive). For the night the 'rents are paying, I'd definitely go for that. My husband and I had our wedding reception there, and although many of our guests were initially leery about Chinese food for a wedding reception, they all agreed that it was one of the best they'd ever been to. I've spoiled most of my family from eating Chinese food in our hometown (Erie is terrible for Chinese).

    For something cheaper, there's Marita's Cantina - a fun Mexican place on Lancaster Ave. Never did Indian when we lived in Bryn Mawr, sorry.

    Happy eating!

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      Mark Wusinich

      For a place the parents are paying for I must recomend Saranac at 614 W Lancaster Ave (610) 520 3430. The food is excelant with a menu that changes nightly. It's BYOB. If they have real bucks suggest the General Warren Inne, W Old Lancaster Hwy, Malvern, PA (610) 296-3637. For Italian, you have to go to Ardmore. There are three restaurants to choose from, from cheepest to most expensive:
      *(its new and not yet listed in YAHOO. I think the name is something like MARCO POLLO but that is not right?) its on Lancaster Next to Lees Hogies at 218 E Lancaster Ave Ardmore, PA (610) 642-3385
      *Il Giardino Restorante 202 E Lancaster Ave Ardmore, PA (610) 896-0705
      *Bella Italia 12 E Lancaster Ave Ardmore, PA (610) 649-1700
      Now for cheep food, I like the Wild Onion's nightly specials (900 Conestoga Rd Bryn Mawr, PA (610) 527-4826)