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Oct 20, 2000 09:39 AM

King of Prussia

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I am looking for a bar or happy hour in a local establishment in King of Prussia. There are many in and around the mall (Chili's, Brew Moon, Dick Clark's).
But I am not interested in those. I would like a local spot that is not part of a big chain.

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  1. Try Casey's in Berwyn. It's on Route 30. It's not fancy, but is a local place with emphasis on sports (Casey at bat). They have the best hand carved roast beef sandwiches. It is especially crowded on Friday and Saturday nights. All ages of people, and too many of them smoke!

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    1. re: Leslie

      There is a bar/restaurant in King of Prussia. It is Fiddler's Green Dining House on 208 W. Beider Rd. (610)337-3888 They have been around for 25 years.

      1. re: Harriet

        Fiddler's Green is the best kept secret in King of Prussia!

        Shhhhhh....or all the Mall rats will invade the place and ruin it.