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Oct 30, 2001 02:37 PM

Ruen Pair chowhound dinner?

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Before I left for my chow-deprivation week in Colorado Springs there was some discussion about a chowhound dinner at Ruen Pair.

Scanning a week's worth of posts (thank goodness for Hot Posts!), I don't see any follow-up.

Are people still interested? After a week with a wonderful friend who likes her steaks cooked to the consistency of a hockey puck, thinks Macaroni Grill is "a bit pricey" and never ate a single vegetable, I'm starved not only for good chow and but for good chow talk.

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  1. I'm new and I'm interested. If this gets off the ground
    I'd love to be there. That's two of us so how do we
    make this happen? Where is Ruen Pair?

    1. please color me interested, as i've never been to ruen pair and would like to try it and meet some of you fine folks.

      ruth, what the heck were you doing in colorado springs? i grew up there and though it's hard to believe, there's a few places to eat, time drop an email and i'll send you to someplace halfway decent.

      peas porridge hot!


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      1. re: patrick

        I knew I should have posted a request for restaurant recommendations here instead of being a good girl and asking on the Southwest board!

        For the last three years I've been attending Skate America in Colorado Springs, and resigning myself to the fact that the logistics (no time, no car) of the situation make for poor chowhounding.

        I stay at a hotel with a kitchenette and eat bread, cheese, peanut butter, fruit, baby carrots and ice cream for five days (I brought a carryon full of food so I wouldn't have to put up with what passes for bread, cheese and peanut butter there).

        This time we had access to a car, and went to Safeway. It was, as "foreign" supermarkets are, a fascinating experience. Who knew there was such a thing as aerosol cream cheese? I actually bought a bottle of squeeze sour cream with chives -- I couldn't resist!

        On the other hand, there was the Ugli fruit -- I citrus fruit I'm pretty sure I've never seen before, but which my picky-eater friend fell upon with great glee. Am I missing something?

        I appears my Colorado Springs trips are over, though, since the event is rotating to Spokane next year -- I'll be sure to ask on both boards for any tips!

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Ruth, just wondering if you're a regular poster on any of the figure skating boards. I'm a frequent lurker at FSW and MK Forum. Just trying to figure out if you're anyone there. :)

          To make this food related, I'd also be interested in a dinner at Ruen Pair, which is nice and close for me.

          Food and Figure skating freak

          P.S. I heard Spokane was a rumor.

      2. When is it going to be? Count me in if it's not this weekend...

        1. r
          Rochelle McCune

          Michael & I are interested.

          I meant to follow up in the "Thai food training" that Melanie suggested. It sounds like a great idea, but I am snowed under right now and would not be able to spearhead such an endeavor until next week (and I was kinda waiting to see if someone else would pick up the torch).

          1. If it's not to late to get in on this - I'll join you all (depending on scheduling of course!) I kept meaning to reply to this and kept forgetting. If it's full already - just make sure to post all the details! Thanks!