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Oct 15, 2000 10:02 PM


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I'm looking for someplace to eat this weekend in Bethlehem. My wife has made reservations at two places, Gus's and The Candlelight. (Yes, of course I'll call and cancel one in a timely fashion). What we're looking for is a nice place to take our son and his roommate who are Lehigh students. Preferably nothing too ethnic. Thanks so much.

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  1. hey bill, hope your meal was great wherever you ended up-i am sure that at least the drive was spectacular. if you plan to go again, there are a few really nice places to hit, some with a bit of fun in the offing such as Pane e' Vino (sorry, but i don't think that people today consider italian to be ethnic) and some with a bit of style such as the Apollo Grille (which offers the opportunity to walk around the historic homes and walk off you meal. great apps!)

    go (former)engineers!

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      Try The Cafe for Italian and Thai. I've heard that the Starfish Grill is good for fish.

      1. re: Josh Miller

        yes, the cafe, and it's been a while, has been great; the starfish brasserie is quite expensive-out of place with its locale in that regard

        1. re: sue

          The Starfish is exquiste and not too expensive for the quality of food we were served. We went to the Cafe and the food was good, but the owner was outrageously rude so we would never eat there again.