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Oct 15, 2000 09:45 PM

chinese food

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Can you recommend some good chinese restaurants in China Town?

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  1. Lee How Fook at about 10th Street and Race is an excellent Chinese Restaurant. Family run, everything is homemade. Good vegetarian dishes also. It may only be open on weekend evenings, so call to make sure. It's also not very big, but the wait is worth it.

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      I must say Lee How Fook is a great place for Chinese. Try the Salt Baked Squid or the Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce. The exact address is 219 N. 11th. I discovered this place about 15 years ago and have been going there ever since.

      1. re: Tim

        also try joseph poon on race street between 9th and 1oth - very interesting interpretations and joe is a stitch - a very talented stitch, one might add.