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Oct 9, 2000 02:14 PM

Nan (Philly)

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Nan is asian/french cuisine - and probably one of the best meals we had this week.

The sauces were excellent. Supremely tasty, light cream sauce under my bass, something with ginger and basil under the crab cakes that I wanted to lick off the plate! Sauces with the meat dishes seemed to be made with stock reductions of pan drippings - but they weren't greasy or heavy. The duck was crispy and tender, not dry and not at all fatty.

The space is clean and light-colored. The wait staff is pretty involved in the restaurant, our waitress makes the ice cream (they do it all on premises, and the pear sorbet was perfection).

It's BYO, but they do a good job opening and taking care of the wine.

We went on a Thursday at 8 and pretty much closed the place down :) When we got there it was about half full, there was a big group doing a wine tasting, some student-looking folks, and a few other 2 and 4-tops.

Definite recommendation!

4000 Chestnut St , (215) 382-0818

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    Sylvia Glassman

    Nan is our favorite. We, and most of the people we know, try to get there every few weeks.
    In the summer, their cucumber soup is the best. The escargots in puff pastry appetizer is decadent and divine; worth the calories. My favorite entree is the duck breast, lean, delicate, and beautifully seasoned, but the rack of lamb, fish specials, etc. are close seconds.
    For dessert, try the apple tart on puff pastry with caramel sauce. Flo makes a great warm chocolate cake and a lovely bread pudding, too.
    The prices are extremely reasonable for this quality food. We usually spend about $60.00 for two people, and we both have appetizers, dessert, and coffee.
    I get hungry just thinking about Nan!

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      This is by my account the best restaurant in the city. The service is first rate, accommodating your seating and serving with friendliness and grace. The meals are out of this world. Over the past two years I have had almost every plate, and I can tell you they are all excellent. I can't say enough about Nan.