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Oct 30, 2001 01:15 PM

Copia (a little long and a little bit of ranting)

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Is anyone attending the Copia Parade in 2 weeks? Is anyone going to the Gourmet weekend?
Is anyone as dissapointed in what Copia looks like it is turning out to be as I am?
I was excited by the idea of the place and it looks like a great concept, but every time i go back to the home page to find out more about the place, it seems that it is just turning in to an over priced over priveledged hang out spot for those with lots of money to blow on food. I am becoming disheartened and dissapointed at what could have been a great idea, the first food museum!
Does anyone else have any other information on this place aside form what is posted on the site? I did not realize that they would charge an arm and a leg and your first born child to attend the seminars.
Anyway, i will stop ranting now and if anyone has some more enlightening information than what is on the weeb page, which seems sparse and dissapointing, and if anyone knows for a fact that the place will be catered a little bit more towards the general public thnn the genteel society of the very rich of the bay area, then please let me know!
I would be excited to hear that the place is not as exclusive as it is unfortunately making itself out to be.
I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Excuse the ranting and have a nice day!


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  1. Rachel, I can't see how "Soda Pop: An American Original" seminar can be considered something for the rich and famous. (g) The Gourmet weekend is not the only thing in the works. In January, Copia is co-sponsoring a look at Zinfandel, America's heritage grape. Zin is the "Harley of wines", not for the genteel. If you look through the press releases, there are a number of ideas for future seminars listed and a definite commitment to having free sessions for the public.

    One of the exciting things about Copia is that it focused on consumer education. Much has been made of CIA up valley, however, it's charter is professional education and is limited to that by its use permit. Both Copia's curator of wine and the curator of art are personal friends. I know that they are deeply committed to the idea of public education. Yet we shall have to wait and see how things pan out. The desires of financial sponsors (Gourmet) can be expected to drive some of the choices.

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      This is great to know! I was getting worried, because it seemed that whenever i went to the site to dig up info on the such things as commitments to the public and list of upcoming events, i could find nothing. I am excited to go check the place out and i can't wait for it to open, but i was a bit disgruntled when it seemed that large payments were in order. It is cheap to be a memeber, but the membership does not include admission to the seminars, so i was getting frustrated.
      I appreciate your filling me in on what you know of the place. I won't be able to attend opening weekend (out of town thanksgiving engagements), but i look forward to hearing what people here have to say about the event!
      Take care,

      1. re: Jupiter

        today's Chronicle mentioned that the owner of Memphis Minnie's will be doing the catering for the opening of Copia.

    2. I looked at their website. Their museum memberships seem to be comparably priced with other museums.

      That "Gourmet Weekend" thing doesn't look like it has very much to do with them, except in an incidental way. Undoubtedly they're getting a kickback on anybody they clicked through who bought the package. I see, though, that although it's outrageously priced (from my perspective) that it has indeed sold out. It seems that there's an unlimited market for providing luxury pampering and schmoozing for people with more money than they know what to do with. Maybe we should get into the business, too.

      The museum looks pretty preliminary, too. Probably they'll be holding events of the sort you're looking for sometime after they finish construction of their building.

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      1. re: ironmom

        OK..I'm a new ChowHound replanted from NY. Wht's Copia and what's the website. I tried but it was clearly wrong. Thanks for any info.

        1. re: Carol G

          Try, located in the town of Napa.

        2. re: ironmom

          Thanks for helping me find the website. Don't like
          such big events otherwise I might have signed up
          for the opening bash. The cost is not out of line
          and the memberships are fairly priced. Maybe down
          the road there will be events we might be more
          interested in.