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Oct 9, 2000 02:13 PM

Blue Angel (Philly)

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Blue Angel is a new-ish place by Steven Starr, he also created a few other restaurants in Philly.

The decor is great, the space is a long, narrow room with original tiles and mirrors. The ceiling, you have to look at it, it is gorgeous. They restored the place beautifully. I recall a lofted dining space partway down the room, maybe that would get you a better view.

It's pretty standard french bistro fare. Our food was good, we had the special soup (butternut squash), cassoulet special, steak frites, etc. The steak was hangar, and suprisingly tender. Good frites, decent wine list for Pennsylvania.

The waiter was fine, gave us long, detailed explanations of specials and answered our many questions. We went on a Tuesday, and it was a bit noisy, the space lends itself to noise with lots of hard surfaces. They were doing a good business for Tuesday, not full but definitely not on the empty side.

I'd recommend this place to friends.


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  1. I agree with Lee. It's a winner. Wonderful decor; great restoration of the interior. Went for a business lunch. Although it was $50 for the two of us (soup, entree, non-alcoholic beverage and coffee), it was worth it. Excellent service and delightful food. The crabcake was wonderful and the frites were done as only a French bistro can. Reminded me of the wonderful frites at Steak Frites in New York. Definitely a go. Stephen Starr did it again!