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Oct 8, 2000 02:43 PM

Philly recommendations and Le Bar Lyonnaise

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Am traveling to Philly late November. Dined at Le Bar Lyonnaise on my last trip a couple of years ago. Enjoyed the food and am considering returning if there is not some special other plase I should try.
Saw a few postings about Rangoon, I've never had Burmese food, but am a fan of all things Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. What are the must try items at Rangoon. I will be in Philly for one dinner and one lunch.

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    Gary L. Borger, Esq.

    Mary, based on your Asian preferences, you should try Penang on 10th St. in Chinatown. Not only is the food unusual and the menu offerings extensive, but there is an open kitchen that entertains you as you eat. The staff is operating at warp speed but it's a casual, fun place with unusual dishes that I'm sure you'll enjoy.