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Sep 24, 2000 02:07 AM

New Article With Pennsylvania Dutch Tips

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I just posted an article on lesser-known Pennsylvania Dutch eats. If you don't periodically check out the "What's New" section on our home page, you'll miss stuff like this!

Use link below


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  1. After a two great meals at Zinn's in the past, we journeyed to Adamstown with guests last summer. It was completely disappointing. It seemed like they'd gone the way of so many, cutting corners and serving premade or additive-laden food. That's what it tasted like. The tearjerker finale was the supernuked, steaming pile of shoo-fly pie. Just terrible.
    Perhaps Zinn's has bounced back. I have not been this year and frankly wouldn't run back.

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    1. re: karen

      I totally believe you (and sorry for the bad experience!), but I'm loath to take 'em off the list as a result of one bad meal. Of course anyplace can have a bad (even a really bad) night.

      Any corroboration out there? Anyone live nearby and have time to go check 'em out?

      oh, and thanks! This place is definitely on probation!


      1. re: Jim Leff
        Gary L. Borger, Esq.

        I agree with both of you. Stopped on my way to visit my wife's family in Gettysburg and was totally disappointed. It's not what it used to be.

        1. re: Gary L. Borger, Esq.

          ok, thanks all. I've taken 'em off our Amish country tip sheet.

          I'd be obliged for any comments on any other places mentioned in that report (see link below), or suggestions of additional eateries.