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Sep 22, 2000 03:57 PM

recs please? (have res. at bras. perrier, blue angel)

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We're going out to dinner in Philly (I am from Chicago) with a person who has dietary restrictions. Reservations are set at Brasserie Perrier for one night and Blue Angel for the other. Are they good for letting you do substitutions? Usually the person gets a lettuce only salad, fries or baked potato and a plain steak, salmon or chicken. Will the rest of us enjoy our - whatever - as well? Can anyone who has been to either give a capsule review?

They dine out a lot, one of their favorite places is Muffins (in Mt. Holly?) another is Cucina Carina (Mt. Laurel?).



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  1. Brasserie Perrier is definitely worth it. I found Blue Angel disappointing. Nice old tin ceiling and tile floor, but it made it very noisy. Food was good but not as good as Fork on 3rd and Market. I think Fork is up there with Brasserie Perrier. Definitely worth it over Blue Angel.