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Sep 22, 2000 10:37 AM

Mexican Groceries in Philly

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Does anyone know of a place that carries fresh Masa in Philly (tortilla factory, grocery store)?

After spending a few weeks back home in CA this summer I realized I'd been away long enough to have forgotton just how good tortillas can be, and am finding it harder to be satisfied with even the best commercially available tortillas in Philly. THey're old, often have been frozen, and are, as a result, tough and lacking in flavor. I figure it's time for me to start just making my own. I've been a bit intimidated by the prospect, but I figure with a little patience and practice I'll be able to make something better than I could buy most places in the U.S., so it's worth the investment of time and energy. If there's nowhere that sells really fresh masa, I can get masa harina plenty of places, but I'd be really happy if there's a source for the fresh stuff.


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    Mark Featherman

    I have heard there are a couple of places in Conshohocken, on Main street, but can't remember exactly where.