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Oct 30, 2001 12:19 PM

Chowhound Santa Rosa testimonial

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Hi, this message is mostly to extend gratitude to my fellow hounds for creating an amazing resource. My partner and I did an antique show in Santa Rosa last weekend. Before leaving, I did a quick search for good vietnamese in Santa Rosa, and I also printed out Melanie's Taco Truck Report.

We went to Pho Vietnam on Friday night based on several recommendations. It was brilliant, and we felt lucky.

The next day for lunch I ventured out onto Sebastopol road, Taco Truck Report in hand, trying not to hope too hard for Delicia Elenita and their famous Pambazo de Tinga. Well, D.E. was in full effect, and so was their pambazo, which I ordered and ate with much pleasure. Wow! They also provided us with several sopes and a huarache over several lunches.

So, props to you, folks, you make life better.



PS sorry I didnt provide links to all the posts I mentioned -- I'm late for a dental appt!

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  1. Thanks for the love letter, Patrick, from the rest of us. I'm so glad that D.E. came through for you. The pambazo man has just returned in the last couple weeks and I was able to finally try the choripapas version. While Jim Leff says that's the "classic", the tinga was more of a religious experience for me. The huarache here is very special too.

    If your show was at the Veterans Hall, you couldn't do better than Pho Vietnam and taco trucks for nearby delicious eats that are cheap to boot.