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Sep 13, 2000 11:11 PM

Back in town, a new (to me) find--Genuine Bakery

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Having spent a long-ish vacation home in California, eating tacos from the trucks two or three times a day, I had to take a little time off before I ate something I didn't cook again.

But that is over! I've moved to west Philly (in the 40s on Osage--I know, someone is going to tell me this isn't _Really_ west Philly, it's actually some other thing I, as an outsider, didn't realize...), and am getting my bearings on the area eats.

So this evening I headed off to find a bakery a friend had reccomended with a quick gesture a few weeks back. It turns out it's the Genuine Bakery, on Springfield between 45th and 46th. What a fantastic place. Does everyone already know about it??? If not they ought to. The breads are truly fantastic, the pastries delicious and substantive. Best of all, I feel great giving my money to these people. It has all the good vibes of the best family-run places. Plus, the prices are really reasonable. It sure beats the inflated prices at Metropolitan--the bread is good, sure, but $5.00 a loaf?



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    Gabriel Solis

    I went back again today, this time looking for buns for dinner.

    Man oh man! I got some cuban rolls (6/$2.00) that were absolutely out of sight. They were sweet and tender but weighty and substantial.

    Moreover, they also serve dinners. For 3.50 per plate or 12.00 for four you can get straight forward southern food (tonight was pork chops, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and a roll). I didn't eat any since I was already planning to cook, but it smelled great!

    Plus, this place is family owned and I really like the people who run it. I just couldn't feel better about giving them my money.