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Aug 27, 2000 02:22 PM


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anyone been here?? pasion in philly?? a latino inspired place?? thx in adv.

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  1. I actually think Pasion may be the best nuevo-latino restaurant in the country at the moment, with great parrillada-style meats in addition to the usual (but spot-on) mondo-blendo dishes. It's a pleasure to taste food from a chef who actually understands how to use achiote, aji and huacatay.

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    1. re: Pepper

      much thx- is it located in cental philly?? or burbs?? thx in adv

      1. re: stephen kaye

        Center City

        I think I am the only person who didn't think Pasion was that great. But since I don't even know half the words Pepper used in his reply to you to describe the food, I obviously just don't understand.

        1. re: Valerie

          I second this last vote. We found it disappointing and very overpriced.
          There are so many wonderful restaurants here in Philly these days -- we don't return to a place after a so-so experience, even if it's "hot".
          However, we know people who love it

          1. re: Sylvia

            many thx. pls recommend 3 favorite places. thx in adv. ciao

            1. re: stephen kaye

              Of course, favorites are also tied in with price range. Two of our favorites are moderately priced, with wonderful food: Nan (French-Thai) at 40th & Chestnut (the owner-chef was from the old Alouette and he's great) and Tre Scalini, in South Philadelphia. Both of these are BYOB. These are the places we keep returning to.
              Philly has upscale greats like Susanna Foo (Craig Claiborne called her place best Chinese in US), Striped Bass, Buddakhan, etc.
              We eat our sushi at Sagami, in South Jersey - fresh and terrific.
              If you tell me what you are looking for, I can be more specific. We heard the Grill at the new Ritz Hotel is excellent, and the place is stunning.

              1. re: Sylvia

                many thx to all. I'm looking for the coolest/hippest place, with the best food, money no object. thx much in adv.

                1. re: stephen kaye

                  loved pasion, but hip and cool? buddakan, la bleu ange, bleu and rouge in rittenhouse square; almost anywhere in old city. go to and look up craig laban's reviews - he may be one of the best restaurant critics writing today.

                  1. re: patricia

                    As far as "Latino" food goes, and I mean "Mexican Food", the best restuarant I've ever eaten at is Tequila's Restaurant, near 15th and Lombard. Not only does it have the biggest selection of quality tequila, but the authentic food is unbelievable. And there's not a taco or buritto on the menu. It is my current favorite sit-down restaurant.