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Aug 18, 2000 09:35 AM

Bucks, Brandywine, Philly for family

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Our family of four will be in these areas for an end-of-summer vacation. We're serious eaters, but with two teenagers we're looking for places that aren't fussy and don't break the bank -- that is, Roadfood-type places, real local finds. And mostly, we want to stay clear of the chains and generically boring restaurants. Grateful for any suggestions of really authentic and memorable stops!

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  1. Hi, Cynthia!

    I don't really know that much about this area, but here are some tips about how you can get to information that's already on the boards. There was a lengthy thread on the Brandywine area on the Mid-Atlantic board a month or two back. You can get to it by clicking the link below.

    Philly has been covered pretty extensively on this board. (The vast majority of the posts on this board are about Philly, in fact.) Just scroll down into the message topics and dig into the threads with names that appeal to you.

    For Bucks, I would try the search box on the main page if you haven't already. (Unfortunately, you'll probably get lots of references to MONEY, but just skip all posts that aren't on the Pennsylvania board.)

    Finally, feel free to ask again if you have questions that haven't been covered, and be sure report back about your trip, especially if you find any great places that haven't been mentioned.


    1. The Charcoal Pit on US 202 north of Wilmington is a great family hamburger place much favored by teenagers and their parents. They have small steaks and some nights they have crabcakes. If you visit Winterthur, or even if you don't, the cafeteria there is a great, inexpensive place for families to eat. You don't have to visit to eat there-just park and walk in. In Wilmington, DE which is close by the Brandywine country on Union Street there are all sorts of Italian restaurants which are also good family places. Pala's advertises the world's worst pizza but they lie. It is made by ladies who speak Italian and it is good. Have fun. Cliff