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Aug 7, 2000 01:31 AM


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Hi I am new to this board.
I have seen my sister post but this is my first time.
Jim.....guess what I found ?....and actually quite by accident.....
The Arepa Lady's original recipe !
But you probablly already know all about this and have it too.

Anyway, I followed the directions to the letter and MY LORD ! THEY WERE SOOOOOOO G O O D !
They practically MELTED in your mouth.

Chances are I may never get up to her Jackson Heights neighborhood to compare.....BUT I just can't IMAGINE

My family kept me in the kitchen for HOURS making batch after BATCH ! till we were all to full to eat another bite !

Anyway, I just wanted to share was quite a nite !

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    Renzo Deurloo

    I am trying for a long time now to find a good recipe to make arepas. The way you described the taste of the arepas you baked, that's the way I want them to taste like. Please,(almost begging) send me the recipe you were talking about, The Arepa Lady's original recipe.
    I will be more than gradfull.
    Greetings from cold and rainy Holland,