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Jul 29, 2000 01:49 PM

Cheese Shop

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Found a great little cheese shop called "The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop" at 8509 Germantown Ave.. Great selection of cheeses--Black Diamond a great chedder--also other gourmet foods.

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    Emily Cotlier

    It's a pretty good cheese shop, yes. When I was last in Philly, I stayed at a house 2 blocks from there. But I wouldn't list it as my tops in Philly. For Italian cheeses, including fresh mozzarella like creamy feathers, there's Claudio's in the Italian Market. For other European cheeses (French, German, British) and very good American ones there's the Cheese Shop at Reading Terminal Market.

    The main things I like about these two shops? They're less expensive and more fun. Claudio's is crowded with huge provolones--mammoth cheeses hanging from the ceiling like near-human sized chrysalisi. (Chrysalises?)And, when I was in there last, and they heard I was visiting my old haunts on a trip back from New Zealand, they gave me my provolone ("could I just have that small bit to the side?") for free!

    Upon consideration, I have to give the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop credit for a good freebie too: they had Godiva chocolate samples out when I was in during May. I'd go there for a gourmet basket of cheese and other goodies.


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      My favorite Cheese shop is on 18th and Chestnut streets. DiBruno Brothers House of Cheese. Not only do they have great cheese selections, but the staff is knowledgable on the types.

      Go for lunch and they have gourmet deli sandwiches for the masses. At about 5 bucks a sandwich, they are a better deal than all the other lunch-time sandwich shops around downtown.

      Skip the seafood salad, too expensive and too odd. (Who eats conch, anyway?)

      Three words: Marinated Fresh Mozzarella.

      The fresh ricotta is worth the trip as well.

    2. try the cheese shop in Ardmore Farmer's market
      which is the sister of the Reading Terminal Market one.

      Better then the CH cheese shop, better selection.