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Jul 25, 2000 02:12 PM

La Raza Taqueria in N Philly

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Had to get some tortillas today, so I made the trip uptown, way, way uptown to Allegheny to get them from Razo's Mexican groceries, and while I was there, stopped in at La Raza for some tacos.

I didn't think Razo's is worth the trip up, frankly. With the exception of flour tortillas, Variety Veracruzano has most of the same stock, and is way closer to me. I would shop at Razo's if it were the closest, but it took like half an hour for me to get there (I live at 22nd and Bainbridge and am moving to West Philly). Incidentally, they have the same brand of corn tortillas, Chinantla, which I think are very good for commercial tortillas.

La Raza, on the other hand, is worth the trip up, at least in my opinion. The menu is uneven, however. I thought the tacos de lengua were absolutely perfect. Some of the best I've ever had. The writer for one of the weeklys who reviewed this place recently didn't like it, and, in particular seemed not to like the lengua. I don't know why. I thought it was great. Tender, juicy, damn, downright succulent! The al pastor, on the other hand, wasn't how I like it. I like the kind that's in an adobo sauce, and this was the kind that has a dry spice rub. Plus, I thought the rub tasted a little chemically, like bad currys sometimes do. It wasn't awful, but I wouldn't order it again. I got some refries, cause I love them and they were on the menu, and I thought they were terrible. They came out of a can. need I say more? On the other hand, the chips they served with them were great. Slices of tortilla fried up to order. Last, of all, the Horchata was nice. It was a little sweeter than I'm used to, but that was fine. It was a perfect accompaniament to the heat of the sauce I put on the tacos.

They also make tortas and burritos, and the people around me were all eating tortas I noticed, after I ordered. I suspect this is a tip off, and will definitely be ordering a torta next time.


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  1. Allegheny Ave. is NOT North Philly! Not in my opinon anyway.

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    1. re: B Saideman
      Gabriel Solis

      Fair enough, perhaps it's not. I'm not from here, I've lived in Philly for about three months now. Allegheny Ave. _is_ north of me, and quite a long ways, at that. Anyway, what would you say Allegheny Ave. is, if not North Philly?


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      elisa ludwig

      Hey dude. that was me who reviewed la raza—and the tacos de lingua were the *only* thing i liked.