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Jul 15, 2000 02:55 PM

LBI Crab Shack

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I'll post this to the Midatlantic board as well, but thought
Philly chowhounds might be able to help. Does anyone know of a good crab/clam shack
type of place anywhere on Long Beach Island or thereabouts? I'm looking for somewhere I can
get good, preferably inexpensive steamed shellfish. Nothing matters to me in this search except the quality and freshness of the fish and simplicity of preparation.
I'm not looking for cuisine, don't really care about side dishes. I just want the simplest possible preparation. I'm happy
to sit on a picknic bench, in my car, on the beach, hell on the sidewalk for that matter, if the food
makes it.



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  1. I hope someone comes up with an answer for you, because I'd really like to hear about it. My experience with simple seafood at the Jersey shore has been negative. Been there many times, never found a place worth mentioning.

    1. Try Harvey Cedars Shellfish, right on the main drag in Harvey Cedars. Buckets of steamers and mussels, dressed up is anything more than a bathing suit, the best !!

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      1. re: susan
        Gabriel Solis

        Great! Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.

        I'll let you know what I got and what I thought soon. I'll be heading out that way this weekend.