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Oct 30, 2001 10:27 AM

fourth st in berkeley

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any good suggestions? we'll be staying at the radison at the marina and we've never had dinner on fourth street, only breakfast and lunch.

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  1. We usually do lunch there as well, but love O Chame. Cafe Rouge has been good for us (but pricey), but my parents were out in September and ate out alot and thought it was their worst (and most expensive) meal. There have been a few mentions on this board about Cafe Rouge.

    Picante Tacqueria on 6th is good - but it's very casual.

    If you have a car - Rivoli - on Solano near the Berkeley/Albany border is one of our favorites. Also good things have been said about Le Comptair Rouge on University but I haven't been yet.


    1. O Chame is wonderful, but the food is very unique. Asian, mostly Japanese, influences & not to everyone's taste. Very subtle,& some people don't "get it". I think Cafe Rouge is very ordinary & overpriced. think Xanadu is very nice. Pretty place, comfortable rooms & interesting food similar to Betelnut in SF. Love the chicken roasted in chilies ,NOT hot but with wonderful flavor, & salt & pepper prawns.

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        Tonya, where is Zanadu? On 4th? I've been away too long! BTW, I agree Cafe Rouge is so-so. I like O'Chame for appetizers and tea on a cold day.

        1. re: J. Hinze

          Sorry, I should have said J., where is Zanadu?

          1. re: Ann Leneave

            Xanadu is at like 5th or 6th just the other side of University from the shopping area on 4th. It's near the railroad tracks - down by what passes for the Berkeley Amtrak station. Haven't been yet but have heard good things and it sure sounds interesting!

            1. re: Celery

              Thanks Celery, we'll have to give it a try.

              1. re: Ann Leneave
                randy salenfriend

                In Xanadu did Kubla Khan, a stately pleasure-dome decree....

        2. I love Betty's Oceanside for breakfast if you can
          get in. Buy their pancake batter next door at their
          retail store. It's the best. For lunch I like Ginger
          Island. Ilike their ginger drinks and their tuna burger.
          Have fun.