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Jul 14, 2000 03:28 PM

Mexican groceries in S. Philly

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I shopped at Variety Veracruzano the other day (Washington between 9th and 10th). Is this the mexican market on the south side that the Enquirer had in its article on local ethnic groceries a couple weeks back? It's good, but very limited in product. I got a really fresh, nice queso fresco, and _excellent_ corn tortillas there. They carry two brands of tortillas and a woman who was shopping there recommended one brand to me, so that's what I got, but I don't know if the other one is inferior, having never tried it.

If anyone knows of other mexican markets in the city, let me know.


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  1. Try Razo's Grocery at 2nd and Alleghany in North Philly.I've been shopping there for years. It's pretty complete and cheap.and while your at it, try the tostadas de lengua at La Raza Taqueria next door or buy a pound of pernil( garlic and spice laced roast pork) at Freddy and Tony's Puerta Rican restaurant at the other corner. This block is so delicious you will be squeeling in delight . Don't be put off by the neighborhood. It's pretty funky but I've never had any trouble in years of chowhounding around there and I go there alone all the time. Buen Probecho!!!!!!

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      Deb Augsburger

      There IS another Mexican grocery in South Philly -- La Tienda, in the Asian shopping plaza on the southwest corner of Washington Ave. and 6th St. La Tienda was mentioned in an Inky article, perhaps the one you are thinking of. Most of the stores in the plaza are Asian (Pho Hoa, New Century Chinese Restaurant, International Smokeless BBQ, to mention the food-related ones), so it's easy to miss "La Tienda" if you aren't looking for it. They have a relatively large selection of foodstuffs including tortillas, the usual cheeses, chorizo, also bags of poblano chiles, tomatillos, excellent lard, dried chiles by the bag, canned goods, cajeta, some Mexican breads, Mexican sweets, and lots of non-food items. They've also been known to sell tamales on Sundays, but I don't know on how regular a basis.