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Jul 14, 2000 08:28 AM

Fine Dining near Hawley. PA

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Spend a fair amount of time near Hawley, PA and can hihgly recomend Le Gorilla at Twin Lakes near Milford and, up to last year, The Beach Lake Hotel at Beach Lake, PA. Are there any other new, GOOD places between Honesdale and Milford? Price is not the main item to be considered, quality is. Thanks

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  1. You might give Stonehill a try. We've been there twice and had excellent meals. The owner told me they've been open for four years, but we only just found out about it this spring. The menu is Continental, prepared by a French chef. It's on Route 6, in Shohola Falls (which is between Hawley and Milford - closer to Milford). One dessert that's outstanding, by the way, is their cheesecake, which is actually baked by one of the waitstaff. The atmosphere is casual. There's a dining room, a bar with a few tables for smokers, and an outside patio for warm-weather dining. Rervations on the weekends are essential. What's really terrific is that they have late hours (by Pocono standards, anyway). The phone number is 570-296-2624. By the way, while I think their prices are totally reasonable for the quality of the food, they are a little more expensive than, say, The Settler's Inn or the Fallsview. But worth it.

    1. You may try Falls Port Inn, Rt 6 Hawley, it recently won an gourmet award form a Fla. organization,
      because a orders were mixed up we are going to have to
      reserve an opinion, although the rest went out of thei way too accomodate us.