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Jul 12, 2000 03:02 PM

Lancaster PA and Reading PA and surrounding area restaurants

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Know of any good restaurants in the Lancaster PA or Reading PA area? I know about People's in New Holland. Any other suggestions?

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  1. see recommendations in attached link - there are other recommendations if you search Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish or similar terms using the search engine.

    I also recommend Haag's Hotel restaurant in Shartlesville, on I-78 at the westermost part of Berks County - family-style Pa dutch food in a genuine old hotel dining room atmosphere, and open for sunday lunch, unlike the Lancaster County places. Their chicken, ham, pot pie and sides (green beans, slaw, tapioca pudding, etc.)are particularly goood.


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      Marva Bilderrain

      We will be in NYC for a couple of weeks and are planning to take a one day trip to Philadelphia. Can someone tell me how far Reading Terminal Market is from the Lancaster area is. We will be traveling by train and also am wondering how far we are from SOUTH Philadelphia. I apologize IF we are all in the same area but am not familiar with this area at all. Wanted to see the real italian side of the city too. Oh! one more question...How is the restaurant callled "Ralphs" and can someone tell me if it is in the same area. Saw this place on the TV Food Network...
      Many thanks in advance!!

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        Lancaster and Reading are about an hour's drive from center city Philadelphia.

        Reading Terminal Market is in center city, and it's a great chowhound place to go...

        South Philadelphia is a short cab ride from center city, and another chowhound find.