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Jul 8, 2000 04:08 PM

Spanish restaurant in Philly

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I have heard there is a new tapas type resturant, around 20th and Sansom. Has anyone been there or know its name?

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  1. s
    Sylvia Glassman

    The new Tapas restaurant is called Cibucan. It is at 2025 Sansom Street, next to the Roxy Theater.
    We really enjoyed it. Some of the tapas were wonderful - the salad with jicama, the seafood chowder, the tarta de cerdo, which is a pastry filled with ground pork, pears, etc. All were large enough to share 3 ways. Some were more ordinary: the octopus and the ceviche were fresh, but bland. Dessert was excellent. It has a pleasant atmosphere; BYOB. They do not take reservations.
    If you live in Philly, there is a review in this week's City Paper (July 13th.)