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Jul 1, 2000 11:08 PM

Philly Ice Cream Co

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I went to the Ice Cream extravaganza at Penn's Landing with my son today. It was disappointing for the most part, food-wise--mostly the same stuff you can get at any local grocery store, some of it good, some bad--but I was very impressed by a local maker I' hadn't heard of before, nor seen for sale anywhere here, named Bassett's (I believe). They make a Mint that is really exceptional. Anyone know anything about this company? Can their ice cream be bought any old where? Do they have parlors?


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  1. Yes, Bassett's is legendary in these parts. They've been around since the mid 1800's, believe it or not. You sometimes see pints of it in grocery stores, but not often. More commonly, local restaurants have it on their menus. They have a stand, with a few seats, in Reading Terminal Market. You may have also noticed a small chain of turkey sandwich shops called Bassett's Original Turkey. I believe they are part of the same family, although not the same company. The original Original, also in the Reading market, is, maybe was, legendary for their turkey sandwiches, if you like turkey sandwiches, which I do. It's been years since I've had one, though, and I don't know if they've gone downhill with the chaining.

    I remember when I lived in NY that Bassett's ice cream even had a name for itself there, though again you saw it mostly in restaurants.

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      Gabriel Solis

      Yeah, it is excellent. Are there any specific grocery stores you know of that generally have Bassett's? I've noticed that the ones near me (PathMark on Gray's Ferry and South Square Market on South st.) don't. I wouldn't mind driving a little ways every so often for a couple pints of the stuff. If not I can go to Reading Terminal.


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        In addition to the RTM, you can also buy Bassetts at Klein's Supermarket, on the first floor of the Philadelphian apartment/condo building on Fairmount Avenue between 24th & 25th Streets.

        By the way, you must try the Raspberry Truffle.

        1. re: Bob Libkind

          One of the reasons that Bassett makes such delicious ice cream is its high fat content. I understand that their vanilla has close to 20% butterfat.

    2. Can't help you with pints, but I know they sell Bassett's by the scoop at Alaska on 18th near Rittenhouse.

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        George Miller

        At Bassetts, you must try their Irish Coffee ice cream. Unbelievable.