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Jun 22, 2000 10:38 AM

Just got back from a lardy potato chip run .......

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I stopped in at Weis Supermarket and bought
Gibbles, Goods and Kings.
I'll report back when I have completed my taste test.

Also...bought a few of their yeast doughnuts.....
they were TERRIFIC !

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  1. Of the 3 bags I bought......Kings, Gibbles and Goods...

    I think Goods and Gibbles were very close.
    The only difference I could see was that Gibbles were a bit saltier.....which should please the folks who like em that way.
    I liked the Goods better.
    Light on the salt and fresh FRESH lard flavor.
    Now the KINGS were sooooo BAD !......I immediately took the whole bag outside and fed the birds.

    The lard taste was old and rancid even though the bag expiration date was July.
    They were just AWFUL !

    Anyway, I look forward to more trips to Dutch country to see what other brands are good.
    Grandma Utz is OK but the Goods chips were MUCH better.
    Lets hear from other folks who have tried other brands I haven't mentioned.

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    1. re: DAC

      Herrs were ok but not as good as Grandma Utz...Were the Goods and Gibbles thin chips, not kettle chips? If so I suspect one of those is what I remember from Pa camping trip grocery runs (could not have resisted the Gibbles name!)

      1. re: jen kalb

        The Goods and the Gibbles were both medium
        I don't recall seeing the term 'kettle' on the bag.
        I never did find Herr's lard chips...and I WAS looking.
        The Kings were medium as well.
        All three were very crunchy.
        But the Goods ..... Mmmmmmm.....they were just right with the salt...not too much or too little.
        Like Jim says...they cause heart attacks so be careful with a bag of Goods.....they BEG you to keep eating.
        Fortunately for me...... My cholesterol(sp) is soooo
        low that I can eat all manner of forbidden foods when ever I want.
        It's a genetic thing though.....everyone in my family is like that.
        We're Italian...go figure.

        1. re: DAC

          Despite my generaly "good" diet and young age, my cholesterol is too high--because of the opposite genetic heritage. My mom eats a nearly vegan diet and runs marathons, but her total is still over 200.

          Okay, I did get good skin and no wisdom teeth, but I'd like clean arteries in exchange for my diligence...

          1. re: Caitlin

            I know... it's weird.
            I have friends that are like you and have to watch their diets....while I can eat anything.
            I don't take that for granted either because I LOVE rich food.
            Just the luck of the draw I guess.
            But good skin is REALLY're lucky for that.

      2. re: DAC

        I highly doubt the chips left the Kings factory rancid. In fact, I'd bet against it.

        Listen, lardy chips are really finicky. They go bad. They cause heart attacks. This is why everybody else uses vegetable oil. When they're right, they're great. But when not (as is the case MUCH more often than with more "modern" chips), you should not blame the manufacturer.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I'll try them again. The bag had a July exp. date on it. I took your advice and looked to MAKE SURE that the date had not expired.
          If they are still bad I'll try AGAIN ......
          At that point.... I'll be wondering if maybe some folks just have a taste for them and maybe they are just made that that way.
          But I doubt it..... I'll let you know.

          Thanks for correcting me..... I thought they were bad and was just gonna write them off....
          BUT HEY ! They might be really good and I might have missed out.
          Now I look forward to another bag.

          1. re: DAC

            While age is a definite culprit, there are many things that can upset the apple wagon when it comes to lard, yummy lard.

            You can't expect fast service from Difara's pizza, nor can you expect uniform quality/freshness from lard-fried chips. We chowhounds can't have it both ways; cooking real food with delicious, characterful, but pre-commercial ingredients and methods yield inconsistent results. You takes your chances. For those who need consistency and efficiency....well, I won't even say it.

            1. re: Jim Leff

              All I can say is..... if Grandma UTZ can do it then so should anyone else who expects to put out a quality product.
              I'm sorry but I DO expect consistency from a manufacturer who puts out a bagged product like chips.
              UTZ does a fine job with freshness and in the years I have eaten then I have NEVER come accross a bag that was marked fresh and gotten the nasty chips that were in the Kings bag.

              Imagine you stopped in and grabbed a few bags for a picinic and then you're off to the woods, beach...wherever.....
              You open them up and they SUCK !
     PISSED would you be ?

              Mine was just a simple little taste test.....
              had I been counting on them for a party or something else....well that would be another story.

              So I am willing to try them again...
              And you may even be right.
              If not.....
              OH WEELLLLLL.....

              1. re: DAC

                I've had rancid Grandma Utz's chips, too.

                I guess lard fried stuff is just more finicky. That's, I'm sure, one reason why manufacturers moved to veg oil, even before the info on cholesterol became known.

                It's not like you can somehow fry 'em "really really well" and thereby ensure they don't turn rancid during the distribution process. Blaming the manufacturer for rancid lardy chips is like blaming Ben and Jerry's for ice crystals in your Cherry Garcia.

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  Well, you bring up a curious point.
                  If I get another bad bag I think I will call the manufactuer and ask about their lard chips.
                  Now I am REALLY curious about this.

                  Now I want to hear what they have to say.
                  I have never had a bag of Utz lard chips that have been
                  bad before the exp. date.....guess I've just been lucky.
                  I'm gonna try some of the other chips you've suggested.
                  but this time... I'm gonna open them before I leave the store parking lot.

                  And as far as the ice crystals go......
                  I think there is a big difference between that and a product that is just plain bad.
                  Everybody knows that if there are ice crystals, it's the store and not the manufacturer......
                  if the chips in the bag are bad BEFORE the exp. date......that's something else.

                  1. re: DAC

                    I'm surprised to hear about rancid King's chips, I've never encountered a bad lot. I have had some questionable Gibble's chips in the past however. King's look to be a little more well done than other brands. People I have talked to swear that Good's are the best hands down. The Herr's homestyle lardies are very salty, even for me. The Herr family should stick to veg oil.
                    Some local farm markets will sell loose chips from behind a counter and put them in a clear plastic bag. Lard chips hate sunlight, don't let them bake in the sun on your picnic or you will quickly discover the rancidity issue.