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Jun 19, 2000 10:29 PM

Philly Lebanese

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Had a friend visiting recently who wanted Middle Eastern food, and went to Cedars, on 2nd, 1 block south of South. What a good meal. The appetizer plate was the best part, for sure. In particular the octopus was exceptional. It was cooked just right, still tender and meaty, lemony and nicely charred. The dips were also good, as was the pita (not outstanding, but quite good). The lamb kebab was also quite good. It was sweet and tender, nicely herbed, and not over cooked. My friend had moussaka, which I didn't try.

One caution, I thought the deserts were no good. The coffee was fine, as Turkish-style coffee goes, but the pastries didn't taste fresh.


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  1. Hey Gabe! Glad to read you're out there exploring the food scene in Philly. I had some tripe pho the other night and thought of you. Best to all, p.