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Jun 4, 2000 06:22 PM

Lardy Potato Chips .......which are the best ????

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I have discovered Grandma Utz in the brown paper bag.
Is that the best or are there better ???
Who else makes these wonderful chips ?


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  1. Speaking of Utz's, I came across a bag of their pork rinds, which were tastier than the more commercial brands'. I wonder whether they're fried in potato fat.

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    1. re: AHR

      Where can I find other brands ?
      Do I need to go into Amish country ?

      1. re: DAC

        It's the easiest thing in the looking for snow in Greenland!

        ANY convenience store in Lancaster County...even 7-11's...will carry several brands of lardy potato chips. The county is positively awash with lard!

        Grandma Utz's is sometimes seen in NYC (in Latino nabes, mostly). Look for the brown paper bags. But watch the freshness date...rancid lard is as disgusting as non-rancid lard is delicious!


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Getting back to my orignal question......
          I have had UTZ....but I was wondering if there was better.
          Do you have a favorite brand ?
          Which do you like best ?
          How do you rate UTZ ?
          I'm gonna plan a trip to check them out in a few weeks.


          1. re: DAC

            I've gotta say that I've heard much praise for lard fried chips, and Utz's in particular, but when I tried those Utz lard chips, I was very disappointed. I can't describe the taste, other than to say they were very unpleasant. Nice crunch, though.

            1. re: Bilmo

              Clearly a rancidity thing. Give 'em another try. And watch that freshness date!!

              As for which brands I's been ten years since I did a scientific comparative tasting. I liked
              GoodÂ’s potato chips in the blue and white bag (available around redding, or at weavers supermarket south of stoudt's on 272...a great source for all chips, by the way) and Gibble's from Chambersburg, PA. Grandma Utz are good too. You can't go wrong (except the aforementioned rancidity peril)...chips, salt, lard. They're ALL really good!

              One non-lardy note: if possible, please keep subject titles informative for those reading's a lot easier to use the boards if actual message content is restricted to inside the message.


                1. re: DAC

                  in my experience (I'm nine years old), Herr's Potato Chips are the best. I like to crumble, make my hands greasy, then eat them and lick me fingers. REgular is the best.

                  1. re: Sean Guilday

                    sorry it took me so long to reply...great to have a chowkid on the site! I love your writing, and I think you're doing very important groundbreaking work with your chip serving methods. Please keep posting messages, ok?

                    1. re: Jim Leff

                      Unfortunately, Sean (the nephew of a friend of mine) won't become a regular Chowpup unless his parents get a computer. His aunt will be printing out these encouraging replies and forwarding them to him. Maybe it will nudge his folks towards joining the wired world!

                    2. re: Sean Guilday

                      Sean - did you ever do this and put them on a burger with pickles, tomato and ketchup - YUMMMMMM!

                  2. re: Jim Leff

                    Gibbles are indeed the best. I gave up chips years ago but once in a while at a picnic I will enjoy a handful, and Gibble's are particularly satisfying! Not too salty, but wonderfully crispy and light. I never cared for "thicker" chips.....they should never be as thick as a cracker!

                    1. re: joan

                      MMMMMMM, Nibble With Gibble's!

                      1. re: Bob W.

                        I had Gibbles potato chips about 4 years ago and liked them very much but can not find them anywhere. Could you please tell me where they are made?

                        Thank you,

                        1. re: mandy

                          they used to be available all over lancaster county (even in stupid convenience stores), but the company was recently sold, so I don't know if they're even being made anymore. You can try calling the company ("Nibble With Gibbles Inc") at (717) 375-2243
                          they're in Chambersburg, PA.

                          1. re: mandy

                            Just wanted to thank Jim for the information about gibbles potato chips.

                            thank you,

                            1. re: mandy

                              Well, I'd like to say "you're welcome" to Mandy! And also...let us know if you find 'em anywhere. Or have any luck contacting them!

                              Hope they're not off the market...


                              1. re: Jim Leff

                                hi, Just wanted to let you know that Gibble Chips are made in my home town of Chambersburg, Pa. Near the MD. border. Hope this helps.

                                1. re: Jason


                                  any town that makes Gibbles must make all sorts of other good stuff. Any really good places to eat in Chambersburg?


                                2. re: Jim Leff

                                  Gibbles potato chips are most definitly still available, however hard to find. I live in Western Massachusetts, and am able to find them only at one small neighborhood market, never in supermarkets. I encourage you to keep looking, Gibbles are the best potato chips I have ever tasted, probably the best I ever will. I would hate to see anyone deprived of the enjoyment Gibbles potato chips bring.

                                  1. re: Sean Cronin

                                    I will have to agree with the above comment. Gibbles does make the best chips that I have ever had, unfortunetly I am unable to get them in Savannah Georgia, where I currently reside. When I make my trip back to my orignial home of Frederick Maryland, I find myself indulging in more than a couple bags of the delicious chips.

                                    1. re: Sean Cronin

                                      Help - When I was younger I could find Gibbles near where I lived in Connecticut, then only at my Grandmothers in Deleware and then nowhere, I've looked everywhere since I was fifteen now I'm 26 living far away in Los Angeles and need help, just an address would help, I want to find Gibble Red Hot Potatoe chips.


                                      1. re: Colin Brown

                                        I just ordered a casw of Chips from Gibbles. They are great! I live in Vermont and you can not buy them. You can call and place a order at 717-843-2447

                                      2. re: Sean Cronin
                                        Linda Heffner

                                        Would you believe I got on the internet specifically to find a distributor of Gibbles potato chips -- I'm having withdrawal symptoms. They are not easy to find. We have one store that sells them. However with my work schedule, I can't always get there during store hours. I guess I will have to take extra measures -- Gibbles are worth the effort!

                                        Have a nice day.

                                        1. re: Sean Cronin

                                          OH my gosh. Since I've moved to Ohio, I don't even eat chips. I grew up with Gibbles in MD, but to my chagrin, there are really no equivalent products here. I am looking to send the Red Hot variety to Florida where I've gotten an in-law hooked on them. They sell Gibbles in huge portions at the Sam's club in Hagerstown, MD. Definitely the best!

                                          1. re: B.Allen

                                            In Ohio you must try Ballreich! They are the best wavy chips in the country. I like Utz for regular chips, but I am in Denver and am going to try some others.

                                    2. re: mandy

                                      Gibbles Chips are now made by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. 1000 Potato Roll Lane, Chambersburg, Pa. 17201. Call 1-800-THE-CHIP. I'm munching on some now.

                                      1. re: Bill Bryan

                                        Thanks for the info Mandy, I've been looking all over for this info. My husband grew up in Maryland and loves these chips, we all do. I just placed an order and am waiting for them to show up.

                    2. s
                      Spencer Nissly

                      Zerbes are the best!!!!!! No contest. They're in Denver PA

                      1. Grandma Utz are the crack of potato chips. There is no equal.

                        That is all.

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                        1. re: 94Bravo

                          Grandma Utz are great because you can get them at WaWa (even small bags so they are fresh without having to eat the whole pound right away.)

                          Gibble and Goods are great when you can get them.