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May 29, 2000 03:15 PM

Amish Country - have I made a find?

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Hello everyone. You may recall my post about eating in Amish country farther down on the board. However, just last week, I stumbled upon the White Horse Luncheonette, a small place just east of Intercourse on the corner of routes 340 and 897.

Since I had to meet somebody for lunch an hour later, I didn't get a chance to eat a whole meal there, but the pie was great and the plates that were being served to others looked fantastic.

What have others experienced here? Am I way off base? Is this place worth another try?

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  1. Hope so! - we went by that very corner on 897 Saturday night,heading up to Shady Maple (on Rte 23) just having seen a lovely sight, an Amish girl galloping her horse down 897, at dusk (carrying a shopping bag) her legs were bare and she was just flying. Amazing. Ill post a few thoughts gained from this weekend tomorrow.