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May 1, 2000 10:13 AM

Good (or any) Peruvian Restaurants in Philly?

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With a half-Peruvian wife who doesn't cook much and a slew of rocoto pepper seeds growing slowly (very slowly) in my garden, I just can't seem to get a good Peruvian meal! Please tell me if there are any decent Peruvian restaurants in the Philly area. I would especially be interested in a place that is authentic enough to even have cui (i.e., guinea pig) on the menu - something I haven't found since my last trip to Trujillo. Any suggestions would be greatly (and deliciously) appreciated!

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  1. Sol del Peru in Upper Darby is great. Phone number is 610-352-1232. It's a short walk from 69th Street Station.

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      Matthew Gomez

      Yes, there is at least one Peruvian restaurant in Philly. The name of the restaurant is Sol del Peru and it is located at 57 Garrett Rd. (69th St.) in Upper Darby, PA. The phone number is (610) 352-1232. The restaurant is also in Zagat Philadelphia 2000/2001

      1. Sol del Peru is no more. I'm sorry to report that the original Sol del Peru run by Don Alarcon and his family has been sold. The new owner/restaurant, just called 'Sol' is not very good and I can not recommend it. The original location and phone number has not chanced, but it is not peruvian. Bills itself as a 'Latin' food restaurant. There is not a single peruvian dish on the menu.

        1. I was in the Flourtown Farmers market last week and noticed there is a booth that sells Peruvian meals for take out. It is located on Bethlehem Pike in Erdenheim (?), Springfield Township, Montgomery County and is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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            Yes, that booth is way in the back. I believe the name is Karla's Kitchen.

          2. I've heard that this restaurant is good, but I haven't been there.

            MacHpicchu Peruvian Restaurant
            1330 E 4th St, Bethlehem, PA
            (610) 865-5838