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Feb 4, 2000 08:16 AM

solid, inexpensive S. Philly restaurant

  • j

i'm in need of suggestions for South Philadelphia - good, inexpensive, neighborhood italitan restaurant (bar). casual prefered, will have some kids - prior to 76'ers basketball game this wednesday night
thanks & best wishes john

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  1. 9th street. been there for 100 years. Good red sauce italian.

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    1. re: Greg G.

      thanks greg do u know location - 9'th & ????

      1. re: john

        between catherine and fitzwater.

        no reservations, so plan for extra time. There's often a wait.

      2. re: Greg G.

        Ralph's is good but a bit flashy. Villa di Roma, about a block south on 9th, is our favorite. Good Italian food & portions, great service & prices, excellent family environment. Between Christian and Washington on 9th.

        1. re: Jim W.

          Villa d'Roma is the place to get Chicken Neopolitan. Hunks of white meat chicken in a garlic cream sauce that is tdf.

          1. re: Meg

            I ate at villa d'Roma the other night, before reading about it here. It is very satisfying ... I had crab and shrimp with linguine and my friend had a feel with mozzarella dish he liked a lot.

            And one of the Wild Samoans (pro wrestler) was there at the same time.