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Jan 15, 2000 09:11 PM

Florida Boy B-B-Q

  • j

The Florida Boy B-B-Q can be found at the corner of Ogontz and Belfield Sts. This is in the Logan section of Philadelphia, about five blocks west of Broad and Belfield Sts. The food is excellent.

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  1. Joseph, wow, thanks! I assume you heard my plea on NPR this morning...

    Do they have barbecue every day there, or is it weekends only, or what?

    Also, do you know Jasper's Barbecue (4240 North Broad St, 457-1240)? I had beef ribs there so good they hurt.

    Man, thanks again for solving a major mystery for me! I'm on my way!


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      P.S.--to read a bit more about my quest for the Florida Boy's BBQ, see the link below (it will take you to an article with lots of Philly info; everyone, please feel free to argue with or expand on anything in the article here on this board!)