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Jan 15, 2000 04:51 PM

reasonable fare

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We live in the Palm Pennsylvania area. Nice to live here but not much in way of fun & food. We are looking for decent, reasonable everyday food & drink restaurant that doesn't cost us our pay checks. We'll save that for the Saturday night dinner. Any suggest for good martinis & decent food?

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  1. P.T., forgive my geographical ignorance, but where is the "Palm Pennsylvania" area?

    let me know...maybe I've got a tip somewhere for you!

    In any case, welcome to the site--to you and to all other Pennsylvianians who've stopped by today. Leave messages, folks! The more "action" we get going on these boards, the more expert local hounds we'll attract...all for the greater chow good!

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      This is a rural area between Montgomery, Berks and Lehigh counties, located between Allentown and Reading and Pottstown Pa.

      1. re: T.P.dwyer

        Is Easton too far to drive? If not, take a look at my report; you can use the link below. I particularly recommend Porter's; and (though I didn't try it) my friend Jim, who lives in Easton, raved about the art gallery/restaurant on Northampton Ave.