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Jan 15, 2000 12:00 PM

Mexican tacqueria

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This tacqueria cooks food to order. It is frequented by working class Mexicans, and me. The food is excellent. The ambience is nonexistent, but the place is clean. It is located in Norristown, PA on Main Street across from the August Moon Restaurant. Tacos are $1.50. Carne asada is available. The name of the place is Tacqueria La Michoacana.

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  1. Mon Chilidude:

    Nonexistent ambiance IS ambiance! Thanks for the tip...where are these guys from in Mexico, Do you know?

    welcome, and thanks for posting


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      They are probably from the state of Michoacan. It is one of my favorite states in Mexico.
      In Mexico, the state of Michoacan has similar connotations as does California in the United States, kinda healthy food, healthy people. All over Mexico there are Tacqueria type restaurants, usually called La Michoacana, that also serve a variety of health foods, smoothies and fruit salads.

    2. Must give thanks to the Chowhounds who ventured before me-- I've started working in Norristown recently and am tremendously pleased with this place. Friendly people running it, and very tasty food. I can't wait to taste their salsa once tomatos are actually in season-- they do miracles with off-season produce.