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Dec 18, 1999 06:24 AM

What's going down in Allentown?

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Jeremy and I will be visiting Allentown. Any suggestions for chowing down?

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  1. This won't help you directly, but...

    At least five years ago, a cousin who lives in A-town called me excitedly with a local paper's review of the KC Rib Hut, founded, as I recall, by a black gentleman who moved East to bring barbecue and enlightenment to an otherwise culinarily deprived area. Memory is a funny thing, but his ribs were the absolute best I'd ever had anywhere; after stuffing myself at dinner, I bought two racks to take home, one of which didn't even make it back to the City.

    Then, one day, the KC Rib Hut disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to the restaurant or its proprietor?