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Dec 17, 1999 06:34 AM

Northeast corner of PA

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We'll be spending our Christmas break with friends in Easton (near Allentown). Can anyone recommend some chow in the neighborhood?


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  1. I think you'll enjoy yourself in boyfriend's family lives within walking distance of "downtown," and I find visits there really relaxing and fun. When we're in town, we like to have snacks or brunch at this little second-hand bookstore (forgot name...ask your friends) a few blocks off of the center of town (off of the traffic circle). Tell your friends it's near the Easton exit off of the bridge. It's only a few tables amidst all the used books, but it has a funky atmosphere, good coffee and tasty muffins, etc. For dinner, we like to go to to Weierbacher, a brew-pub that has a bar-food type menu. GREAT ale and stout, totally decent burgers, steaks, chicken.

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      Yeah, I've been to the used book store/cafe (I've been to Easton a couple of times already) -- I enjoyed drinking coffee there, and one time there was a reasonably talented guitarist playing and singing. I've seen Weierbacher but never tried it out -- thanks for the rec!