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Nov 28, 1999 04:22 PM


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Training to the Army Navy game from DC next Saturday and want to catch an early (4:30-6:30) meal b/4 heading back. Thinking about the Saloon but with guests from N. Carolina in tow thought about Italian in South Philly or something fabulous but not Le Bec Fin pricey near Center City. Any suggestions to show off Philly food talents?

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    Greg Gartland

    Hmm. Buddakan is great in old city. It's owned by the current "hot" philly resterateur, Steven Starr. Very tasty asian fusion food with a wide selection of sake. He has a new french place called Blue Angel that I know nothing about. I do like Fork myself, although some people have had bad experiences there.

    For South Philly, people love Tre Scalini; I've never been but they are well known for trying things more interesting than many of their counterparts. Ralph's is fun too -- it has been there for 99 years. Tasty red sauce Italian, great "local color" wait staff, and casual attire is fine (which might be helpful considering it's a pre-football event).

    Of course, there's always Pat's Steaks...

    Regardless, have fun!