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Aug 13, 1999 10:37 AM

One day in Philadelphia

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We'll be Amtracking in and out of Philadelphia in one
day (a Saturday) to see the Max Parrish exhibit. I've
read the posts here about Phil. but am having trouble
deciding - lunch at Le Bec Fin? a hole in the wall
cheesesteak place? something altogether different?
What would you do?

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  1. k
    keith koenigsberg

    I see that no one has responded to your Phila query...I
    spent four culinarily flat and dead years in that
    city...never had a meal worth writing home
    about...about the best I can recommend is a cheesesteak
    at Pats or Jims, get provolone instead of cheesewhiz,
    unless you really want the local flavor (the
    Philadelphians will put cheeze-whiz on ANYTHING)


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    1. re: keith koenigsberg

      The report:

      Not too much to report - we didn't want to stay too
      late and Le Bec Fin doesn't serve lunch on Sat., so we
      decided to save that for another visit. The Parrish
      exhibit was wonderful if you like that sort of thing
      (which I do). We had a really fun visit to Reading
      Terminal Market. Brought home some Amish sticky buns
      that were *just* what I wanted - incredibly gooey,
      cinnamony, sweet and moist. Saw some shrimp that could
      hardly be called shrimpy - I've never seen anything
      like it - they were easily 6 inches long and 4-6 inches
      around, still in the shell, but headless - you could
      have sliced "shrimp steaks" from them (they were
      $18/lb.) - has anyone ever seen these?
      Lots of other fun things to see, not a whole lot I
      wanted to eat there. I might bring a freezit or two
      next time so I can bring home some Amish sausages or
      three-mile-island shrimp if they still have them.

      We ate at the Home Diner, in a corner of the Market and
      didn't expect anything spectacular but were pleasantly
      surprised, as all the ingredients are fresh from the
      market and the chef knew enough not to mess with good
      ingredients. I had fried chicken that was perfect - an
      ungreasy, crispy coating, not intrusively flavored or
      thicker than the chicken itself (a la kfc) surrounding
      moist, honest chicken. Good mashed red potatoes, a
      small piece of very sweet corn. Unsweetened iced tea,
      perfect, not bitter but freshly made. My partner
      enjoyed his meal too - fresh cole slaw and a side of
      fava beans that neither of us intended to eat, but
      which were flavored with sage and really tasty. We
      both agreed we'd like to try other things on the menu
      (e.g. Brunswick stew) another time.
      BTW, highly recommend Amtrak to Phil. from NYC - only a
      comfortable hour and a half trip (just enough time to
      dawdle over your coffee and crispy creme). It goes
      thru the NJ marshland, where, on the way back, we saw
      egrets nesting - 5 or 6 of them in one spot - all in
      all quite an enjoyable day.

      1. re: Barb H.
        Marva Bilderrain

        Since I'm a Californian and not and easterner can you please tell me something. We are going on a one day trip to Philadelphia from New York City and all I know is that there is a train (amtrak) that goes there. Is that the same as the "Metro"? that also goes there. Did a little searching and looks like amtrak is more expensive?? or are they the same? And can you tell me how far it leaves you from Reading Terminal Market.Many Thanks.

      2. re: keith koenigsberg
        Steve Viterali

        Try Rangoon a Burmese restaurant on 112 north 9th street. Had a great meal there a few years ago...a very nice menu with attractive prices...and don't forget dessert! They are very good!

        1. re: Steve Viterali

          thanks for posting, steve! I've long had rangoon on my list (I talk about it further down this board, in fact). Now that there's no good Burmese in NYC I crave it badly and had high hopes for the place.

          And, yes, Burmese desserts are very underrated...I agree!

      3. If I had one day in Philadelphia, I'd definitely want
        to have lunch at Le Bec Fin. Be prepared to spend a
        great deal of money and, by the way, good luck getting
        a reservation. But if you can get in and can afford
        it, by all means do it!