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Jim Zurer Mar 9, 1999 08:52 PM

Off to Philadelphia for a couple of days and am
looking for Chowhound and other interesting food
possibilities....Local specialities, ethnic food, or
just good cooking are my criteria; moderate prices are
a plus, but I will pay for a special experience;
casual dress and relaxed atmosphere appreciated. Food
quality is the key; ambiance is a distant second.

I am staying downtown and will not have access to a

Jim Zurer -- Washington DC

PS A line on cheesesteaks will also be appreciated.

  1. d
    Don B Mar 24, 1999 02:26 PM

    Run, or preferably, gallop to Le Bar Lyonnais
    underneath Le Bec Fin on Walnut Street between 15th &

    Chef Perrier is consistently as one of America's finest
    and this is the only way to experience his cuisine is a
    less formal environment than the exceptional (and worth
    every penny!) Le Bec Fin upstairs. If you order
    anything that every swam you'll be astonished as just
    how remarkably good "bistro food" can be.

    The only bad news is that there are a grand total of a
    half dozen tables and, after 9:00PM, Le Bar Lyonnais
    doubles as a cigar lounge.....so eat early!

    1. j
      jen kalb Mar 10, 1999 11:50 AM

      Have you checked out Philly food websites? I think
      UPenn students operate a fairly extensive one with
      lists and reviews on it which might be helpful.
      When we visited the market, it was on a Saturday
      aftern0on, and most of the Pa Dutch vendors were
      closed. Early on a weekday (lunch at latest) is
      probably best there.
      There are several well regarded new places in Philly,
      including one on a moored boat (but the name escapes
      me) Chef cooked at the Beard House this fall. Le Bec
      Fin has a walk-in cafe operation as well as good lunch
      deals in their main restaurant (reservations needed
      for latter) They have a web site.

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      1. re: jen kalb
        jen kalb Mar 10, 1999 12:07 PM

        sorry, the restaurant-on-a-boat is called The Mosholu
        and the website is http://dailypennsylvanian.com/

      2. s
        stephen kaye Mar 10, 1999 11:16 AM

        howdy jim, for cheesesteaks hit jim's steaks south st and 4th I believe. also good are pats, and gino's for cheesesteaks. susanna foos for chineese, striped bass for fish , chanterelle for fusion, enjoy, walk around south st while in philly

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        1. re: stephen kaye
          Jim Zurer Mar 10, 1999 01:26 PM

          Thanks for the cheesesteak recommendations....but I
          should have made clear that I am on travel with my
          Department of Labor colleagues and "moderate" cost is
          an important consideration.....I don't think they will
          cotton to Striped Bass or even Suzanna Foo on
          pocketbook grounds.

          Lower end recommendations are what I am really looking


          Jim Zurer - Washington DC

        2. n
          N. Patrick Mar 10, 1999 08:53 AM

          You will need to catch a cab to Overtures at 609
          Passyunk. It is a small place and you would be wise to
          call for a reservation. Interesting atmosphere in an
          old building. Extremely friendly and good service. We
          have never been disappointed in the food. The menu is
          quite varied and there are always interesing specials.

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          1. re: N. Patrick
            Mara Mar 10, 1999 09:58 AM

            I will also be in Philadelphia this Saturday. What
            kind of food does Overtures have? Italian? French?
            American? Price range? Any other dining suggestions
            are greatly appreciated.
            Also, what's good at the Reading Terminal Market for
            lunch (sit down or take away). Thanks.

            1. re: Mara
              steve d. Mar 10, 1999 12:00 PM

              I had a great cheesesteak in the Reading Terminal Market, I think at a stall on the west side, but that was a couple of years ago. Let us know what you find.

              1. re: steve d.
                patricia Apr 12, 1999 08:46 PM

                this is too late for all on this string,however,
                please know that if you e-mail i will be happy to
                tailor a restaurant guide for you in exp.-mod-inexp-
                cheap ranges. jim's steaks on south street is realy
                the very best for cheesesteaks - do not, under any
                circumstance, be tempted by the cheesesteak stand at
                the reading temrinal - if you're there, for to the
                south side, by george! across from iovine's produce
                stand for italian specialties, or walk two blocks to
                chinatown and go to vietnam palace or thai garden east
                on 11th street. for roast duck, sang kee on ninth,
                for dimsum lunch, ocean city also on ninth. rangoon
                on ninth is good burmese. (this is all around the
                terminal) there are many moderate italian places
                insouth philly, and a fair number of reasonable spots
                on old city as well. in center city, good buys and
                good food can be found at circa (walnut st., friday,
                saturday, sunday, astral plane, L2, beaujolais. go to
                art muserum area for great bargains - london grill,
                cuvee notre dame ($5 for duck confit salad or mussels
                and pommes frites for lunch!), zola, rembrandts, rose
                tattoo. feel free to e-mail, as i said.

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