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Jul 6, 1998 05:18 PM

411 on philly

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awhile back, i mentioned this italian restaurant that i
liked in philly, but couldn't remember the name...for
those of you in the area or going to the area, you must
check out La Locanda del's wonderful and
has great ambiance to boot.

...and don't forget to bring your fave wine to top it
all off because it is byob

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  1. Where in Philadelphia? Street address?

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    1. re: N. Patrick

      the restaurant is in Old City, on third street,
      between arch and race. and it is terrific. feels
      like being back in italy. great pastas, but even
      better meats, particularly specials. no reservations.

      1. re: patricia

        and like i said, don't forget to bring your favorite
        wine to complete your meal!