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Apr 19, 1998 11:15 PM


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We will be foraging for one dinner and one breakfast in Philadelphia in late June. We would like to eat dinner at a place with (ideally) low lighting that won't break the bank, but we aren't interested in eating cheese steak off of paper plates.

For breakfast, something cheery (a bakery, perhaps) with good coffee, fresh baked items (no Lender's bagels, please) and possibly no more than $10 for two (eggs and bread shouldn't have to cost more than that). It doesn't have to be trendy, just good. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

E. Cornell

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    Barbara Sweeney

    I've eaten good meals at La Terrace, which is near UPenn. 4-5 visits over the last year or so - very consistent, good French food.

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      Nancy Patrick

      One of the best places we have found in Philadelphia,
      and have returned to year after year, is Overtures on
      Passyunk St. It is a small place so you would need to
      make a reservation. The menu is not so large as to be
      overwhelming and there is a nice variety of meat and
      fish dishes. The atmosphere is charming and there is a
      tiny enclosed eating porch overlooking the sidewalk.

      1. I've got the bakery!

        Happen to have a bookmark from it sitting right here in
        my computer book.
        Metropolitan Bakery
        1114 Pine Street

        2 other locations (but don't let that turn you off.
        This bakery is nothing like what you find at an Au bon
        Pain (sp?!) chain.)

        262 S 19th St
        Reading Terminal Market

        Their bread has *real* crusts, and the puff paste
        pastries are tender and buttery.

        They had a cheese danish with prunes (or was it fig?)
        when I was there 2 yrs ago that was one of the best
        pastries I've had in America (yeah, I realize that's
        not such an impressive statement!)

        For dinner, Jack's Firehouse was still serving
        interesting southern food. Chef's from Appalachia (sp?)
        as I recall. Real fun atmosphere. Somewhat pricey.
        $20/entrees I think.