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Oct 29, 2001 03:19 PM

Good Indian???

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Last night I had a craving for some really good Indian food. I found a flyer that was delivered to my mailbox from India Clay Oven on Celement x 26th. Since I didn't feel like going out, I ordered food for delivery. Nan bread, Raita, Chicken Tikka Kebab, Mixed Vegetables in Masala and an order of Basmati Rice - they said it would be about an hour.

An hour and 45 minutes later the food arrives...the nan bread was gummy, the chicken tikka dry and lacking seasoning and smokiness form the tandoor oven - plus they charged $10.95 for it and the curry was completely one dimensional. A total let down and kind of expensive.

Does anyone know of a good / authentic Indian restaurant around Cole Valley / Upper Haight - also one that delivers would be great. Any suggestions greatly appreciated - thanks! :)

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  1. I too love Indian food. When the stomach craves the subcontinent, I trek to the tenderloin district or to 16th and Valencia. Restaurants here don't tend to deliver. However, there is a newer place called Raja Cuisine at 500 Haight. I've heard both positive and lukewarm opinions about Raga, but have no personal experience. At 9th and Irving is Masala. Which is quite good. Expect prices to be about 30% more than what you'd pay in the tenderloin. They might deliver to your neighborhood.

    1. Clay Pot on Clement and 26 used to be OK, but they've gone bad. Last time I was there they brought us burnt nan -- totally charred black all over. They told us that was the way it was supposed to be.

      Try Masala, 9th and Irving area. For delivery, Great India (Geary and 26th?) does a decent job. But I must ask, why would you want to have your food delivered? How could the nan be fresh delivered?

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        Thanks for all the suggestions! :) To answer the question about why delivery? - it's convenient, especially when I'm not in the mood to cook and want to stay in - it's a nice option.

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        Rochelle McCune

        I have not noticed good Indian in the Upper Haight. Lower Haight has Indian Oven which is pricey, excellent, medium spiciness, packed to overflowing with non-LOHAians* and Raja which is mid-range, very good, spicy, half-empty most of the time, mostly frequented by locals but has kinda slow service. I'm pretty sure that Raja delivers, but I live across the street and have never been so blatantly lazy as to make them deliver to me.

        I agree with Elise - the Tenderloin & 16th/Valencia are desination points for Indian food.

        *Non-Residents of Lower Haight


        1. In the same area (Geary and 25th) is Great India - I have never been here, but had it delivered many times. Very quick service, good, dependable food and good prices. They have great Vegetarian Samosas, Mulligawtawny soup, Lamb Vindaloo and Tandoori Chicken. Standard Indian fare - although their Aloo Paratha is either excellent or overcooked (slight burn on it). I dont know how far their delivery area is though.

          1. 10 years in London and 6 months in India tell me that Shalimar on Jones in the TenderNob is the best Indian in the West.

            Flickering flourescent lights, non-matching china and silver, and nan dough thrown on the side of a deep clay oven til it drops to perfection all add up to an authentic if low key experience.

            No liquor license, tho OK to bring a beer from the liquor store on the corner. The basmati is a bit sticky, but the curry makes up for it. Two people can stuff their faces until you can't stand up for $25.