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Ethnic Restaurant Recommendations

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My family and I are visiting DC and are looking for recommendations for reasonably priced ethnic restaurants. One evening we will be in the Chinatown area, one night near the Holocaust museum and one night near George Washington University. Any thoughts? Just looking for casual places with good interesting food. Thanks!

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  1. Chinatown: Full Kee. Get the duck stuffed with shrimp paste (a special, maybe listed on the wall) pan fried dumplings. Casseroles here are good: either oysters with ginger and scallion or chicken and eggplant.

    Holocaust Museum: Nothing to eat, this is not a neighborhood, just government buildings. Better you should head off to Jaleo at 7th and E for Spanish tapas. Many, many recs on this board.

    GWU: walk on up to Galileo on 21st between L and M. An expensive restaurant, but eat outside and ask for the Osteria menu. Nothing more than $10. Excellent choices include porchetta and the vitello tonnato.

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      For Chinatown I agree on Full Kee. Their shrimp dumpling soup is also good.

      Other options include Zaytinya for mediterranean tapas or Rasika for Indian.

    2. chinatown: look for Eat First, a hole in the wall on H St. No ambience but the best chinese food in DC for the money.

      1. Asking about ethnic restaurants is like asking about cars at CarMax. You name it, we got it. You should try one of the better Ethiopian restaurants while you are here. Etete isone of the best, but there are others that are good too. Adams-Morgan has a bunch of them, If you want to spend some money, Taberna del Alabardero for Spainish, if you don't, Jaleo or Zyatinya are less expensive. Full Key is excellent Chinese, Burma Restaurant on 6th St in Chinatown is good Bermese if you haven't had that before.

        Around GWU (Foggy Bottom) you are in a more expensive area. However Notti Bianche is very good for Italian food, Kaz Sushi Bistro is excellent for sushi and Japanese food, and Circle Bistro for French.

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          Java Green (19th Street, between L and K) isn't too far from GWU - vegetarian food.

          1. try google'ing "tyler cowen's ethnic dining guide"...should answer all of your questions on all of the cheap ethnic eats in and around dc.

            1. There was a Peruvian place near GWU in Foggy Bottom that is really delicious and authentic but I forget the name, El something. Lomo saltado and ceviche were great.

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                El Chalan is on I st and 20th. accross the street from Baja Fresh in Foggy Bottom. Is that the one you were thinking of?

              2. Yes I think so, thanks! I haven't been there in years though so I don't know if it's as good as it was before.

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                  I work in Foggy Bottom and I've been to El Chalan once. The two appetizers and main courses I tried seemed like they were cooked a long time ago. Did not taste fresh or vibrant like the NoVa choices of Costa Verde or Machu Picchu.

                2. Now now people. The Holocaust Museum itself has a GREAT cafe.

                  1. I really enjoy the Malaysiam Koptiem in DC.

                    1. La Loma is excellent Mexican by Union Station. - chix enchiladas es muy bueno

                      Taste of India by Woodley Park Metro is great. Next door is superior sushi at Tono with $ happy hour specials. Walk up Conn Ave a half block to Petit Plats for the best French in town. Walk across the bridge and get Lebanesed at Mama Ayesha's. Or you could stay on the red line 3 more stops and hit Krupin's for killer Kosher.

                      Anybody have any tips out PG way?

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                        Get the taco al pastor at La Placita in Riverdale. Let me know what you think.

                      2. Chinatown Express (right next to the MCI Center) has great noodles. Watch the chef make them in the window, then go in and eat some!