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Angelina's decline?

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I used to love driving down from New York to visit Angelina's on Harford Road, but I've heard that it's either not open or in a terrible state since the change of ownership. Any opinions? If the place is irredeemable, where would you recommend for crabcakes, besides Faidley's? Thanks!

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  1. Mamas on the Half Shell or Henninger's Tavern



    1. I don't think Angelina's restaurant is there anymore, although they are still doing mail order.

      I'm with Hon on Mama's, although it's a very different atmostphere from Angelina's -- for one thing, there are things on the menu worth eating besides the crabcakes.

      I do miss the place. We used to go there a couple of times a month.

      1. The original owners of Angelina's sold their restaurant at auction in April 2005. New owners took over June 2005. I've not heard anything about it one way or the other, but apparently, they are internet savvy.

        Duda's in Fells Point has a good, reasonably-priced crabcake.

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          cleveland park

          I like McCabes on Falls Road near Hampden.

          1. I saw "Angelina's crabcakes" for sale at the recent Vintage Virginia Wine Festival.

            1. Angelina's is open, I saw a board with specials listed on the sidewalk outside. I know nothing about the present quality of the food. Koco's is a bar about 3 miles south on Harford. They have excellent jumbo lump crabcakes, albeit not very spicy.

              1. I was deeply disappointed with Angelina's two months ago. The service was terrible, and the crab cakes were pedestrian. I've been going there for several years (under the old ownership). I live in California but travel frequently to DC and Baltimore. I complained to the waiter, and one of the new owners came out to speak with me. He said they have big plans to expand to California, but they had better work on the basics first -- restoring the quality of the crab cakes and improving service. As you know, this is not a fancy place -- a neighborhood place. But it was worth the drive. Sadly, not any more.

                1. We get to Angelina's once a year when we visit Baltimore on business--we discovered it over ten years ago. We were just there last night. It was a Thursday, about 7:00 when we got there, and the place was empty. I mean, twightlight zone empty. No diners, no waitress, no hostess, lights were out in one of the dining rooms. Very weird. I went down to the bar and there was a waitress who was running the entire operation, upstairs and downstairs. She was very sweet, but in over her head--we had to ask for several things two or three times, and she cleared our table, including napkins, between main course and dessert. We never did get new napkins. Nobody else came in from the time we arrived to the time we left.

                  The crab cakes were delicious but quite expensive ($42 for two 8-oz). The french fries were excellent, but we were given a very skimpy portion of those, which, given the price of the meal, was unacceptable. The worst disappointment was dessert--we always loved Angelina's homemade coconut layer cake, which was always moist, flavorful, and memorable, and generously sliced. Last night's was overbaked, dry and given a thin coating of frosting. We got thin slices which doubled in price since last year. We are kicking ourselves for not sending it back--it was one of the worst desserts we've ever experienced.

                  My suspicions that Angelina's got sold were just confirmed by this thread.

                  All in all, the signs don't look very good for the future of this once-great place.

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                    Funny you should mention this story, because I had a friend who had the identical experience about a month ago. He asked around, and the neighbors of the restaurant have an interesting story, one that I don't think I can repeat, but according to them, the building's main function isn't a restaurant anymore, it's something else. The restaurant business is just a a front.

                    BTW, anyone else get peeved when people use CH as advertising?

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                        something like that, but you don't have to buy a crab cake, and it's not really a date. at least that's what they said.

                        btw, thanks to the moderators for cleaning up this thread.

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                        If this is true, it is heartbreaking. As former customers of the restaurant, my friends and I purchased the shipping company seperate from the restaurant to make sure the original Angelina's crabcake lived on. If the restaurant now serves another purpose it is a disgrace to the history of that once great establishment. Shame on them. Also if anyone has any ideas about how to bring back some of the famed food from the restaurant I am all ears. We are still in communication with the old owners of the restaurant and want to make sure we bring back Angelina's better than ever.

                      1. Anyone been brave enough to try Angelina's lately?

                        A few months ago, the City Paper proclaimed that Angelina's was back: http://www.citypaper.com/eat/review.a....

                        I have been there three times (3-4 years ago) and twice it was fabulous and then once it was awful.

                        I'd love to go back, but I admit that I am scared to try it again.

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                          I haven't been to Angelina's for about 4 years. My favorite Baltimore crabcakes:

                          Henningers; Bowman's; Perring Place; Faidley's.

                          Bowman and Perring are very similar in style to Angelina's (think old school "hon" style).

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                            cece have you tried Pappas on Harford Rd.? Very good crabcakes, also in the old school style. In fact, the whole place is old school, but there are so few places like that left in Balto, it's still nice to have around.

                            We had a weird experience at Perring Place a few years back. The gist of it is that my sister in law ordered either a steak or prime rib (I can't remember which anymore), they brought her the other (twice -- she sent it back once), then refused to admit the mistake. Very odd.

                        2. I second driving a few more miles down Harford and going to Koco's. The crabcakes are very good and have the biggest jumbo lump I have ever seen! If you find them a bit bland (which I do) They have old bay on the tables to fix that problem.

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                            We drove 25 miles to go to Angelina's for crabcakes, last night and they were closed up tight. It was 8pm on a Wednesday. No sign in the window, no mention of it on the voice mail message, no mention of it on the website (which I had viewed earlier in the day.) I hadn't been there in about 20 years so, I didn't know what to expect. We had a BOGO coupon, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Wish I had read this 1st. We didn't know where else to go in the area, so we headed over to Bayou Cafe. They always have good steaks.