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Jun 19, 2006 11:49 AM

Angelina's decline?

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I used to love driving down from New York to visit Angelina's on Harford Road, but I've heard that it's either not open or in a terrible state since the change of ownership. Any opinions? If the place is irredeemable, where would you recommend for crabcakes, besides Faidley's? Thanks!

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  1. Mamas on the Half Shell or Henninger's Tavern

    1. I don't think Angelina's restaurant is there anymore, although they are still doing mail order.

      I'm with Hon on Mama's, although it's a very different atmostphere from Angelina's -- for one thing, there are things on the menu worth eating besides the crabcakes.

      I do miss the place. We used to go there a couple of times a month.

      1. The original owners of Angelina's sold their restaurant at auction in April 2005. New owners took over June 2005. I've not heard anything about it one way or the other, but apparently, they are internet savvy.

        Duda's in Fells Point has a good, reasonably-priced crabcake.

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          cleveland park

          I like McCabes on Falls Road near Hampden.

          1. I saw "Angelina's crabcakes" for sale at the recent Vintage Virginia Wine Festival.