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Jun 19, 2006 11:47 AM

any feedback on J.R.'s STOCKYARDS INN?

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J.R.'s was recommended to us by a friend. Worth a try? I had never heard of it before.

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  1. If you're referring to the place behind Tyson's - we've been.

    It's a step up from outback or LoneStar, but no where near a Palm or Morton's.

    It's an older place. They still bring the cheese and crackers to the table. Food and service are decent. Prices are reasonable. I think we got out of there for $60 without alcohol.

    If I had my choice, I'd go to Ray's or Del Merie Grille before going back to JR's.

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    1. re: DC Gal

      I concur - it's so-so. But we've never had to wait for a table there. A step up, I think, is J. Gilbert's in McLean, but a bit more expensive. Never tried Del Merie. When I'm going for steak, I nearly always go with friends from Vienna who don't like to go very far from home.

      1. re: Mike

        I've not eaten at the J. Gilbert's in McClean, but have tried ones in NC. It is part of a small chain. The great thing about Del Merie is it is locally owned and you will know that by the personal attention you get from the moment you call for a reservation or walk in the door.

        They have great service, fantastic food, just all around a great choice. If you want steak in Northern VA without having to deal with the recent confusion around Ray's, I'd recommend Del Merie in the Calvert Shopping Center off Mt.Vernon Ave. (off of Glebe Rd.) in Alexandria. Definitely start with the frickles! They're lightly breaded and fried dill pickles that are to die for good!

    2. I ate there once and had a situation arise which kind of annoyed me. I was drinking soda and very thirsty that night and went through 12 diet cokes. When the bill came, they had charged me for each soda and I had to end up paying over $20 in soda's. It would have been nice had the waitress said something. Have not been back since. Don't recall much about the food, so I guess it was nothing outstanding.

      As an alternative, I did enjoy my last meal a Fleming's, which is right down the street.

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      1. re: rcheng

        Similarly (but not quite as ridiculous as a place charging for soda refills), my husband and I were out for a night of relaxation and a celebration for a project at work being complete and went to Lauriol Plaza. My hubby kept ordering some special margarita he likes, not knowing they cost $15 each! The bill comes and he'd chalked up a hefty tab in alcohol - I guess that's why they let us keep that nice table outside for so long!

        1. re: rcheng

          I go there at least once a month and I assure you they normally don't charge you for refills. I have never been charged for it at least.

        2. I'd recommend J. Gilbert's over J.R.s - they're right down the road from one another. Nicer atmosphere and less expensive than the other usual suspects (Capital Grille, Morton's, Palm, Flemings) because steaks and sides aren't a la carte.

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          1. re: Meg

            I would not go to J. Gilbert's because I think that restaurant has nothing to offer. Mediocre food at high prices. JR is at least reasonably priced and you go there for steaks. In Tysons, you can always pay more for better steak.

          2. I used to eat there often, but that was the early 70's. Haven't been back in years.

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            1. re: anni

              It's homey to me so I love the atmosphere. Plus their bread is great!