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Jun 18, 2006 02:32 PM

Tell me great places to eat in Howard County

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DH and I love to eat out, but with a 1 year old it is kind of hard. Any places you can think of that can accomodate a 1 yr old is good, but we also get to go out when grandma and grandpa volunteer to babysit. So, close to home but good atmosphere and great food would hit the spot.


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  1. Aida Bistro is pretty family-friendly and has a nice wine list and some very good Italian food.

    1. With 1 year old - Pei Wei Asian Bistro, Eggspectation, Noahs on the Side, Oriental Manor, El Azteca, Clydes

      Without 1 year old - Jesse Wongs Asean Bistro (although I've seen plenty of babies here - you'd be fine), Cafe de Paris, Rooster Cafe, Ironbridge Wine Company

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        Pretty good list. I would add Sushi Sono in Columbia (for excellent, though fairly pricey, sushi/japanese) and Tersiguel's in Old Ellicott City (excellent French) to the non-kid one.

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        1. Cafe de Paris and Sushi King. Sushi King is related to Sushi Sono, but smaller and probably a better place to take a child. Also less crowded.

          I'm still boycotting Aida and probably always will be, so I can't speak to that. Jesse Wongs is fine -- not great, but usually ok. A Chinese co-worker recommends Hunan Manor if you order from the Chinese menu.

          Clydes is -- well, it's a step up from TGI Fridays. Eggspectation is ok, and they seem to have fewer service issues than they used to.

          Rooster Cafe is weird -- decent food, but I'll give the edge to Cafe de Paris for bistro.

          Jordan's Steak House in Ellicott City is quite good. I keep meaning to go to Tergiguel's.

          1. I like Fuji for real Japanese food and sushi. (Even Sushi Sono/Sushi King, although decent, are run by Chinese folks.) I think their version of teriyaki and udon are some of the best I've ever had, and the sushi is wonderful too although you should try to come at less prime time hours because the chef works alone and can get overwhelmed.

            Some random finds I like in the Dorsey Hall Village Center are Hunan Legend (if you request Chinese menu dishes, they are really delicious, and in general the flavors are fresher there) and Trattoria (authentic 1st generation Italians running what looks like an ordinary pizza joint on the outside, but they have excellent pasta dishes including great gnocchi and seafood pasta at really cheap prices). I also like Han Sung, a healthy tasting Korean-Japanese joint in a shopping center at the corner of St John's Lane and ?Old Frederick Rd.

            To hell with all the chain restaurants in Columbia!