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Oct 29, 2001 10:24 AM

Ana Mandara

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Going to Ana Mandara this evening for a friend's birthday celebration. Anyone been? Opinions? Reccommendations?

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  1. I went for my birthday last year and was disappointed. To be fair, this was largely due to the people sitting at nearby tables. One group of 3 guys spent the whole time shouting on their cells phones "hey, Becky, we're here at Ana Mandara, stop in for a drink! hey, Stephie, stop in for a drink!" Made me feel really dorkish, trying to have a special meal with all that nonsense.

    Also found it overpriced. The fish dishes lacked flavour, including their signature Mekong basa (sp?), and would have been a fraction of the price at any number of Asian restaurants around town.

    The place does look nice, a little bit Vegas, but nice. Should be better with a large group.

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      After our visit last night I will second your disappointment. The room is OK, but looks too much like a movie set for my taste, (Don J. influence I'm sure!) The food was very safe, (institutional) "asian-esque." As other people have commented, the portions are a bit dear and prices high. There are many, many restaurants, even dives, with much better food at a fraction of AM's prices. On a positive note, I will say that during our visit, the service was very good. Everyone genuinely seemed to want us to enjoy ourselves. Though just a few blocks away from home, we wouldn't go back on our own.