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Jun 15, 2006 07:09 AM

Great Sandwiches

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I tried the "Best Sandwich" joint at 18th and K discussed in the thread below and I bascially agree with Steve: Much better than usual turkey sandwiches, and a great option for those working in the area, but not a destination spot (especially in light of the parking).

So where are the great sandwiches? I'll put aside here talk of Breadline, which has occasioned much debate on these boards. And I'll pass over hamburgers, because that's old hat, too (Colorado Kitchemn, Palena, 5 Guys, etc.). *Great* sandwiches I've eaten in recent months include:

-- A salami and goat cheese panini at 2 Amys

-- The Sloppy Joe at Colorado Kitchen (although Chef Clark's Friday lunches are apparently discontinued until fall)

-- The soft-shell sandwich served on Tuesdays (sometimes Wednesdays) at cf folks

-- Do barbacoa and lengua tacos at Taqueria Distrito Federal count?

Please add more sandwiches *worthy of a detour* . . .

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  1. Without a doubt, the Hot Sicilian at The Deli in Herndon.

    Beef on Weck, Jimmy's in Herndon.

    1. Detour-worthy sammitches in DC for me are:

      1. The Super G-Man at Mangialiardos on Penn SE: basically two-sandwiches worth of G-Man (mortadella, genoa, provo, baked ham) on a good H&S sub roll.

      2. The corned beef or roast beef at Deli City on Bladensburg. And when not in the mood for a sandwich, the liver and onions brings back memories of Scholl's Cafeteria.

      3. The baked ham, roast beef, or roast turkey sandwiches at Hodges on New York Ave NW. Not as plentiful as Deli City, but fresh, juicy, hot, and cheap.

      4. The cheesesteak at Al's King of Steaks in Del Ray. Not a big fan of Cheeze Wiz version in College Park.

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      1. re: wg

        "The Super G-Man ... on a good H&S sub roll."

        Do you mean the soft rolls? The hard rolls (love the crust ripping the roof of my mouth) used to come from Catania bakery on N.Y. Ave, and I've never had the excellent Super G-man on a soft roll. Catania also supplies (supplied?) Literri's.



        1. re: KOK

          I've never tried a G-Man on a hard roll, for the same reason I don't eat at Quiznos. Got kinda tired of spitting blood and bits of torn mouthroof.

          Also, forgot to add #5 to the worth-a-detour list: the 4-piece fish sandwich at Horace & Dickies. I know some don't think it's anything special, and it's a shadow of the original fried-in-lard fishwiches from the 1950s, but it's still a steal at $4.85. I've had worse at three-times the price.

      2. Large Capri. Hard Roll. Everything (I ask for no hots, but that might be just me)

        Italian Store, Arlington

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        1. re: Alan

          Capri, hard roll, everything (incl. hot and sweet peppers) and, on occasion, extra prosciutt. That's me.

          1. re: Alan

            Milano, no hots, soft roll. (And no lettuce if I'm eating getting one for later. the soft roll gets disgusting and mushy.)

          2. Italian sausage at Galileo's Grill. The broccoli rabe puts it 'over the top' (hommage to Joe H).

            Notice I didn't say the roast pork!

            Of course the corned beef at Deli City.

            I've only had the roast beef at Hodge's once, but I ate it in about 10 seconds, so it must have been pretty fantastic. This definitely comes under the heading of "sandwiches you wish were around the corner."

            1. Earl's in Clarendon (Arlington) makes very good sandwiches with meat roasted in-house, including pork, beef, and turkey. They have a more limited list of very good combinations, as opposed to Steff's rather than a long impenetrable-while-you're-standing-at-the-counter list of combinations. A good stop, but I'm not sure it would be a destination. But then, I wouldn't typically go out of my way for a sandwich of any kind.

              Well, maybe a porchetta panino in Italy...

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              1. re: bacchante

                Ah, porchetta. Saturday before last at the street market in Castellina in Chianti. Divine. You'd think if taco trucks can be successful here somebody could set up porchetta trucks as well.

                1. re: bacchante

                  thank you for stopping by. i appreciatew the input.
                  FYI: we are now serving soft serve ice cream.
                  stop on by for a cone!!!